The Grapevine

Helping Your Clients Break Out of a Wine Rut

December 9th, 2015

As passionate as you – and your clients – may be about wine, it’s not hard to find yourself in a rut. Here’s how to help your clients break out of a rut and keep their wine flames burning. [level-members]

First, understand that it’s not usually dissatisfaction that drives the feeling of being in a rut, it’s boredom. (And just like being odd has a different label when you’re rich – eccentric – being bored with wine when you’re rich goes by another name: jaded. Is there really any other way to describe being tired of a steady diet of first-growth Bordeaux?)

So the key to breaking the cycle is a healthy amount of variety. Encourage your clients to try a new varietal. This is where social media posts along the lines of, “If you like … you’ll love …” come in handy.

Offering flights of wines to compare side by side can be a great way to keep your customers interested, as well.

For real sticks in the mud who want to stick with what they’re drinking, get them to try pairing the same old wine with some totally different meals, particularly meals that wouldn’t traditionally be considered good pairings.

When all else fails, hand ‘em a bottle of bourbon. A week without wine can be a great way to break out of a rut. [/level-members]