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Worth Sharing: Wine Collecting for the Other 99%

December 17th, 2015

You don’t have to be a 1%er to have a well-stocked wine cellar – and to enjoy drinking wines as they mature. Here are some thoughts from Punch on the subject. [level-members]

The underlying theme here is, of course, value. That, and the difference between new world and old world winemaking styles, will skew your affordable cellar toward old world wines.

You an still find some age-worthy wines alongside California and the Northwest’s cult favorites. But you’ll have much more to choose from if you explore French regions other than Bordeaux and Burgundy (yeah, Loire!) as well as their lesser known counterparts in Italy. Germany and Austria are good bets, as well.

When you discuss cellaring with customers who are new to the idea, it’s probably better to encourage your clients to think in terms of building a cellar to enjoy as wines age, not for the purpose of reselling later at a profit. That’s hard enough to do with the creme de la creme these days, and certainly takes more of an investment than most of us among the 99% can pour into a wine cellar.

But there is something to the romance of pulling out wines you’ve purchased years ago for a special occasion, to say nothing of the ability to drink wines that just aren’t easily available anymore.

Here’s the full article to explore some specific recommendations by region.