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Wine Industry News – 1/4/16

January 4th, 2016

Thinking inside the (wine) box, news from the Northwest, and looking at climate change through the lens of wine. (And bread and chocolate.) [level-members]

Thinking Inside the Box
More consumers are “thinking inside the box” and are more accepting of boxed wine. Makes good sense and while the past associations can be hard to swallow – as was the wine that came in boxes back in the day … – the improved quality isn’t the only good news.

The acceptance of boxed wines signals that consumers are shifting their thinking away from wine as a luxury, special-occasion kind of product, to a regular part of their every day lives. (The trick for independent wine shops will be to keep the romance of wine as an affordable everyday luxury rather than letting it become just another grocery.)

The full article is here, and it includes broader info on changing attitudes toward wine.

News from the Northwest
From the Tri-City Herald’s website we get the top stories on wine and the wine industry in the Northwest in 2015. Among them are the construction of a new wine science center, the region’s excellent representation in Wine Spectator’s Top 100 list, and of course, drought conditions facing most growers.

The full article is here.

Bread and Wine and Chocolate
Segueing from drought into climate conditions more broadly, we have a book review from The Salt Lake Tribute. “Bread, Wine, Chocolate” discusses environmental issues through the lens of those three products and their impact on agriculture, society, and the environment.  The article is here and the book is available on Amazon.