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New Year’s Resolutions – with Wine

January 7th, 2016

How about sharing a few New Year’s resolutions with your wine shop customers? It’s not too late. [level-members]

An article on Food & Wine about the resolutions of a handful of sommeliers gave us the idea that we might encourage our wine shop customers to adopt similar plans for the New Year.

For example, you might encourage them to try one new wine a month instead of sticking with the same old-same old.

Or you could suggest trying an old favorite with a few new dishes.

The resolutions of the sommeliers are a mix of the expected and surprising, from “drink more of [fill in the blank with your favorite underappreciated varietal]” to “drink more beer.” Read the full article here, and don’t forget to make a few of your own wine resolutions. [/level-members]