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Just For Fun: The Weird Vocabulary of Wine

January 14th, 2016

Like any hobby or profession, wine has its own vocabulary. To an outsider it may seem like a foreign language. [level-members]

And in many ways, it is a foreign language. It can also be an entertaining language, as demonstrated in this Wall Street Journal article about various common and less-common wine words.

Among our favorites, from the article and just our travels in the wine world, are terms like “foxy” to describe a wine as funky or musty, along with “legs” to describe the way a wine coats the inside of a wine glass after it is swirled.

It was also interesting to learn that there doesn’t seem to be a origin for the use of the word “flight” describe a group of wines tasted together. (If anyone has an idea where this might have started, I’m all ears.)

Enjoy these words. You might even make a quiz of it on social media. No point in rewarding correct answers – those are just a Google click away. Instead, reward the most creative answers.[/level-members]