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The Ice Wine is In, News from South Africa and Australia, Supermarket Wine in Mississippi, What’s In Your Wine?

January 18th, 2016

Weather delays ice wine harvest in New York’s Finger Lakes and does more in Australia. Mississippi dives into a political battle over supermarket wine sales. And what’s really in that mass-produced sub-$10 bottle of wine? [level-members]

Up in New York, the Ice Wine is finally in. Not really up our alley, but those who love it seem to really love it. You can read more about the harvest here.

Meanwhile, politics heats things up down in Mississippi, where a battle ranges over wine sales in supermarkets.

South Africa has built a thriving wine industry. Australia’s already thriving wine industry may be under threat from, you guessed it, climate change. Read about the South African wine business here and the Australian wine business here.

And if you’re buying cheap industrial-crafted wine, you may be getting more for your money than you bargained for, according to this CBS New York report on additives in wine. Additive; yum!