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Food & Wine Pairing: Pizza of a Different Stripe

January 22nd, 2016

Friday night is pizza night not just in our house, but in many houses where a long work week leaves everyone exhausted. Here’s a healthier and more interesting take on the old standby. [level-members]

Pizza has earned its reputation for being a slovenly unhealthy meal the hard way – it’s earned it. But it doesn’t have to be the guilty pleasure it usually is. It can be a much healthier alternative, especially if you make the crust yourself and keep the toppings fresh and veggie-focused.

That’s exactly what David Tanis has done in this New York Times piece on a mid-winter respite from the cold – and the dreary winter vegetable selection at the farmers market.

Not to be ignored are his suggestions for wine accompaniment. He gives the nod to the ever popular suds – what’s more popular a pairing than pizza and beer? – but also talks about favorites beyond the inexpensive Chianti and other “pizza wines” everyone loves so much for simple Friday night fare.

Lambrusco is our favorite of his recommendations, but his recommendations for true sparklers are great, too: “Franciacorta is a good Champagne facsimile. A less expensive choice would be pétillant naturel, a very old form of sparkling wine.”