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Wine – Maybe it is Rocket Science

January 21st, 2016

Wine seems pretty simple – it’s really just grape juice. But don’t tell the folks at IBM. [level-members]

Here’s something interesting to share with your audience, whether they’re casual wine drinkers, wine geeks, or geeks of the more technology-oriented variety. IBM is using the firepower of Watson, its supercomputer famous for its turn as a Jeopardy contestant, to help Gallo water their vineyards more efficiently and more effectively.

As you can imagine with the drought that California is suffering through, efficient water usage has real value not only to the wine industry, but in agriculture more broadly. What’s good for the planet can also be good for the bottom line – saving water means saving money.

Have a look at the full article here and share with your audience. Most will find it of interest regardless of their level of geekery.