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Wine Info Worth Sharing with Your Wine Shop Customers

February 4th, 2016

Should you refrain two days a week? Are wine glasses worth it? Are you sure you’re OK to drive? Questions worth pondering … <level-members>

Give Your Liver a Break
We’ve been hearing this one a bit lately. A doctor suggesting that it might be in your liver’s best interest to have a weekend of its own. Or, given the drinking habits of many, an anti-weekend. That is, we should give our livers two days a week without alcohol-processing duty. Love any idea that encourages responsible consumption, but there doesn’t seem to be any real science behind this. (And sadly, the folks who need to hear the message most aren’t likely to be listening …) This one’s worth sharing just to get the conversation going, even if it isn’t ultimately a valid recommendation. Read the full story here.

Wine Labels and Your BAC
That’s blood alcohol content and the leeway that wine producers have in the accuracy of their alcohol levels might be the difference between a routine traffic stop and a DUI arrest. Arm yourself with knowledge and don’t take any chances! You can read the full article here. (Warning: Math ahead!)

Are Wine Glasses Worth it?
The sense of smell and the sence of taste are pretty tightly intertwined. So there’s an argument to be made for wine glasses purpose-built for the job. Not that most of us necessarily need the full arsenal of Riedel glassware – and not that their aren’t times when a frat-house-style red Solo cup isn’t perfectly appropriate – but wine glasses really are shaped as they are for a reason. Read the full article here.