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Could be Worse, Could be Prohibition

February 11th, 2016

Sometimes, the good old times weren’t all that good. Take prohibition, for example. [level-members]

Sure, in our modern world we have to deal with fanatical terrorists bent on widespread destruction – and that’s just the US Presidential candidates! (Kidding, kidding …) – and diseases that spread from continent to continent in the blink of an international flight, but at least no-one was taking a hatchet to our favorite local watering hole.

This short but entertaining read about Carrie Nation and how she got her start as a terror of temperance is an interesting look back at a period too recent to be as forgotten as it seems to be. The best is that, according to the article – and photos do bear this out – as frightening as she was, Ms. Nation “kind of looks like a friendly hobbit.”

Worth sharing with your wine shop customers. Let’s not be so quick to jump back to the good old days … [/level-members]