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Wine Industry News – 2/22/16

February 22nd, 2016

Guess who drinks more than half the wine sold in the US. (And is that more or less wine than could fit in the world’s largest wine barrel?) More US market stats. And will better business improve or ruin the wine industry? [level-members]

Apparently, young women are the consumers of more than half the wine sold in the US. From the Vice blog Munchies:

According to a report on the US wine market conducted by the Wine Market Council, young people in their 20s and early-to-mid 30s now drink almost half the wine bought in the US. And, get this: among high-frequency wine drinkers under the age of 30, women are out-purchasing men two-to-one when it comes to wine.

You can read the full article here.

In unrelated news, the largest ever wine barrel has been made in the Languedoc. No word on whether it can contain all the wine that young women in the US drink each year. Though we do love the idea that the barrel may one day house a wine shop!

More stats – and more good news for the wine industry. It seems that wine is becoming more a part of everyday life for more adults in the US. This according to a report released by the Wine Market Council.

Since 2000, the high frequency wine drinker segment (defined as those who consume wine several times per week or daily) has more than doubled – from 7.6% of all U.S. LDA (legal drinking age) adults in 2000 to 13% in 2015.

More stats can be found in the full article.

And a new breed of business-savvy winemakers are making their mark in California. Seems to me there’s been plenty of business savvy in evidence in the US market for quite some time, but it’s worth thinking about whether there’s a tipping point we are headed toward where efficiency squeezes the romance out of what the industry pioneers created decades ago. (Not that the choice is solely between international conglomerate and “rich guy with a hobby,” as the article points out. Read the full article here.