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Wine Industry Insights from a Retail Giant

February 23rd, 2016

Love ’em or hate ’em, retail giants are frequently great sources of information as they are frequently data driven and they have a LOT of data at their disposal. So what does one retail giant have to say about trends in the wine industry?[level-members]

Among other things that Whole Foods’ Doug Bell (who runs their wine, beer and spirits programs) has to say about the state of wine in the US:

  • $15 to $25 is a new sweet spot. His customers are discovering that the jump to this price range from the $10 to $12 range brings a significant increase in quality.
  • Sparklers continue to grow in popularity, and not just Prosecco.

But perhaps his most interesting prediction: growing acceptance of wine in cans. His arguments make a lot of sense – more convenient for consumers, easier for producers and distributors to ship. Still, that’ll be quite a lot to process for those who can’t get over the spread of screw caps …

So even if you do hate ’em in general, this giant retailer at least has some very interesting points to make, some of which might be worth discussing with your distributors.