The Grapevine

Food & Wine Pairing: Wine and Eggs

March 4th, 2016

Continuing our recent run of somewhat (or completely) out-of-the-ordinary food and wine pairings – wine with Girl Scout cookies, wine in the shower – here are some ideas for wine with eggs. We’ll hope that means brunch, lunch or light dinner. Not sure we need to encourage wine for breakfast as a thing … [level-members]

Eggs and wine aren’t an easy combination. Egg yolks can fight with a lot of wines. So wine selection is important. Certainly anything highly tannic is probably right out. The eliminates a whole host of reds and, in fact, most reds are going to be more difficult to pair successfully with eggs than whites or rosés.

Sparklers can be a great choice, and with the growing popularity of Prosecco, Cava and “pet-nats,” you have many options for pairing with less complex dishes.

Given that this might be a mid-day or late morning meal, look for lower alcohol wines. Wines with some acidity are likely to work well, too. Wines from the Loire (you knew we’d say that, didn’t you?), Bandol, and more restrained, lighter reds are all excellent choices.

Don’t throw out your usual pairing guidelines, either: eggs likely aren’t the only thing on the plate, so take the other ingredients into consideration, as well. And it’s tough to go wrong if you pair a wine from the same region as the food. Here’s to a sunny Sunday morning!