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Greek Wine and Food Pairing

April 8th, 2016

Since we offered up some social media-sharable goodness yesterday on Greek wines, we have to do a pairing today with them in mind. But Greek food seems to obvious and Turkish food seems a bit antagonistic … [level-members]

How about a little Moroccan fare? As luck would have it, we had a delicious soup/stew last weekend straight out of the New York Times. Moroccan Chick Peas with Chard was a hit with most of the family. (Kids …) And even stood up to some fiddling with. (Our preserved lemons turned out to have not been preserved enough … and the fresh ginger got lost somewhere between the checkout aisle and the kitchen.) Soaking or quick-soaking dried chick peas is so incredibly worth the effort. Highly recommended.

Here’s the recipe and and the Jancis Robinson piece¬†that we discussed yesterday has recommendations¬†if you aren’t already stocking Greek wines.