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Spitting – and Wine at 30,000 Feet

April 14th, 2016

Spitting at wine tastings is either a ridiculous practice or an absolute necessity, depending on your perspective. Either way, there’s something in this article for everyone. [level-members]

For wine shop owners looking to find high-value wines that fit his or her shop and customers preferences, a big tasting or industry event is too big an opportunity to mess around with. You can’t be tipsy. And you can’t dull your palate. Hence the spitting.

To the uninitiated, well, we’ve all come across someone who thinks we have to be kidding. People in both camps should enjoy this article from the Grape Collective’s website. Spit or die …

Window or Aisle?
No, red or white … for those looking for yet another way to decide on their air travel – as if price and legroom and safety records aren’t enough – you can now see how different airlines rank according to the wines they pour at 30,000 feet.

Business Traveller ranks and rates about 75 airlines. Singapore Air seems to be your best all-around bet, but with all the categories, you should have a look to see who your ideal flight provider might be. The full article is here. Well worth sharing with your shop followers and fans, particularly the business travelers.