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Food & Wine Pairing: Frittata

April 15th, 2016

Not every night is a big night out. And while many people choose not imbibe on “school nights,” there are those of us who occasionally do. And there are many of us who occasionally have an overbooked weekend day. Frittata is a option for nights like that when you just can’t stand the thought of take-out food. [level-members]

This frittata recipe from the New York Times has been a weeknight stand-by for ages. It’s particularly great for us at the height of the summer, not only because it’s light, but because it makes use of the over-abundance of our CSA farm share.

In the dead of winter, we usually adapt it to make use of the veggies we can more easily come up with, and will frequently add bacon to spice up the blander veggies of winter. (Then again, we adapt it pretty freely in the summer, too, depending on what’s in the farm basket.)

So this is pretty bulletproof and quite adaptable, meaning you can drink with it whatever you’d like. Hearty whites are the obvious choice, though we almost always go with a light red. We’ve had Pinots that work, Beaujolais, and Cab Franc. Rosés can be a great choice on a summer evening. Enjoy! [/level-members]