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More on Wine Apps

May 25th, 2016

Last week we took a look at wine apps and whether they should be considered friend or foe. This week, a bit more on the topic. [level-members]

We came across this article on the Foodable website:

A Digital Grapevine: Mobile Apps Boom at the Intersection of Tech and Wine

That lead us to this release about research showing how apps influence wine purchases.

Click the link for a more complete picture of how apps work. The brief take-away is no surprise: a huge majority of people use phones to search for information and pricing online when they are shopping in retail shops. (Not just wine, but all retail shops.) That makes it all the more imperative for us to differentiate ourselves on things other than price and exhaustive selection. The internet beats you on both – every time.

Convenience, great advice, and a great shopping experience must be your focus. Don’t ignore the apps and don’t ignore the informtion you can gather from them about your customers and industry trends overall.