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Rosé, Scary Post-Wine Activities, and Science Geek Yeast Stuff

May 26th, 2016

A few wine-related items worth sharing with your wine shop subscribers, friends and followers. Rosé is (still) hot, what not to do after you’ve been drinking (it’s not what you think), and geeky facts about wine and yeast. [level-members]

It’s been hot for a while now, but with the weather getting, well, hotter, who doesn’t want to read more about rosé. Fox news has the facts.

Getting Geeky About Yeast and Wine
Who knew that “Human winemaking has irrevocably changed the shape of yeast populations worldwide.” Erika Szymanski, apparently, and she’s written an interesting piece that covers yeast and wine – and also chocolate and coffee. Well worth the latin sprinkled thorughout … Read the article here.

Don’t Do This One Thing After You Drink Wine
Sounds like a really bad link-bait headline. (Hello, HuffPo!) And if you’re expecting the One Thing to be “operate heavy machinery” or “find out you’re three months pregnant” you’d be wrong. Instead, you need to put down that wine glass and step away from the toothbrush. Apparently, the enamel covering your teeth need time to recover from the assault wages on it by the acid in wine. If you must brush right after imbibing, at least drink red. It’s less acidic. The full article is here.