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Wine Industry News – 6/13/16

June 13th, 2016

Compliance, pot and climate change in the wine world. [level-members]

Caymus Compliance Case
The case, centered on whether Caymus has exceeded its wine production limits, is close to wrapping up. And the defendant says the case is about more than just his operation. As always, competing interests have their own versions of the story, and their own (sometimes convoluted) reasoning for why “it’s the principle!” Read more here. It’s an interesting intro to regulation, business, and the wider community.

Pot, Wine, and Business
Marijuana may be the next big thing in a state near you, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still contentious. In fact, its potential size as a business – the sheer economic force it could become – is precisely why it’s becoming even more contentious. So it’s not a surprise that there are odd bedfellow stories to be heard and interesting cases of bedfellows in one locale being opposed to one another elsewhere. Check out U.S. News’ report here. Will you’re at it, have a look at Merry Jane’s article about the growing acceptance of medical marijuana dispensaries in the Napa Valley. (Pretty great name for a pot-themed site, no?)

Wine Biz and Climate Change
Norway has a vineyard. Established winemakers are seeking out land at higher elevations and latitudes.  Politicians and pundits can say what they will, but the folks with skin in the game certainly seem to be taking climate change seriously. Read Jancis Robinson’s take on current developments here.