The Grapevine

Pairing Seafood and Rosé

June 17th, 2016

Talking about pairing rosé is about as meaningful as talking about pairing red wine – there are a lot of choices among rosés and they’ll work differently with different dishes. Here are some options you might consider if you’re serving seafood. [level-members]

If you’re grilling your fish and preparing it simply, you might try Pinot-based wines from Burgundy or, our favorite, the Loire.

If you’re grilling a fish with a bit more body or more boldly flavored, or making a salad Niçoise, you might the South of France – Languedoc in particular – or Spanish rosés. Bandol can be an excellent choice here, too, particularly for the ever-popular salmon or tuna steaks.

Or there’s trout. Here’s a grilled trout recipe from Bobby Flay that’s worth sharing.