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Worth Sharing: Wine and Celebrities, Wine and Politics, Microbes and Terrior, and More

June 23rd, 2016

What happens when someone famous drinks your favorite wine? Or when someone famous pours it? Do microbes really affect wine quality? And how do Burgundy and Bordeaux view terroir differently.


Wine and Politics
If you’re not a fan of the US President, here’s your chance to take him to task for not drinking American wine. Or your opportunity to laud him for encouraging more global trade, if you are a supporter. Either way, and politics aside, here’s an interesting story about the power of celebrity, even in the wine world. Obama’s Wine Choice Impossible to Find

Think it’s Easy Being a Sommelier?
Speaking of celebrities, Jay McInerney gives wine stewarding a shot. Read his recap here.

Microbes and Terroir
Are those tiny little creatures you can’t even see as big a part of the wine quality picture as climate, soil, and winemaking choices? Could be. Are Bacteria the Secret to a Great Wine Vintage?

Terroir in France
Two somewhat related articles, about the enduring magic of Burgundy and the different approach you’ll find in Burgundy and Bordeaux.

Why Burgundy Is Still the Greatest Place for Wine

Terroir: France’s Dueling Definitions