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Pairing Wine with Grilled Chicken

June 24th, 2016

Here’s an article I wish I had written. Great set of options for wine pairings, no matter how you’re prepping that bird. [level-members]

The reason the whole, “red with meat, white with chicken” seems so dated and, well, wrong, is that it accounts not at all for how that meat or chicken – or fish or anything else – is prepared. That says a lot about how we ate before, say, 1970, when the American palate got more adventurous. (Just compare your cookbooks to your grandmother’s … )

So I was delighted when I came across this Food & Wine article by Kristin Donnelly from about this time last year.

5 Ways to Pair Grilled Chicken with Wine

Red? White? Yes!

It depends on your sauce or marinade and, to some degree, even by your side dishes. So give your shop customers a choice – ask how they’re prepping not what they’re cooking.