The Grapevine

Summertime Wine Sales

July 27th, 2016

For die-hard red wine drinkers, summer can be tough, but summer’s also a great time to market the lighter side of wine, literally and figuratively. [level-members]

Even for red drinkers – and those who just can’t stomach one more glass of rosé – there’s always the ice bucket. I’ve always been a fan of a bit of chill on nearly any red wine – “room temperature” should mean room temperature in 16th century France, before heat meant anything other than the fireplace – and in summer, I’m willing to take that a step further than usual and give at least some of my reds a bit of an ice bath.

The key there is to forget the big brawny reds that are so fantastic in the winter and seek out the lighter styles and, usually, those with lower alcohol. Beaujolais is a great choice. Lambrusco is a less commonly seen great choice.

I’m not so keen on chilling most Pinots, but there are plenty of folks who are in favor, so you might consider doing a tasting of chilled Pinots this weekend, too.

You might also post or email about summer being the time to rethink wine entirely. Drink “wine’s equivalent of a beach read,” as Punch puts it. Read the great article they’ve written here.