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Wine Shop Marketing – Wine Book Club

August 3rd, 2016

Book clubs have been on a roll since Oprah first rolled hers out some time ago. You should consider joining the fun in your wine shop.


This is a great time of year to be talking wine books. Though there are some out there that are definitely on the geeky and technical side, there are plenty that are lighter and perfect for the proverbial beach read. (Even if you happen to be lakeside in the mountains …)

You can go the traditional route a pick books that are about wine, the wine industry or wine regions. Wine regions open up lots of possibilities because they can be non-fiction, too, which can be more appealing to many, and because they give you opportunity to explore a cuisine and food/wine pairing opportunities for an entire month.

Or, even more interestingly, you can go a completely different route and make the book club a bit of a game. For example, you could pick a book each month that includes a particular wine type and offer a free bottle to anyone who identifies the wine. (Or one winner chose at random from among all those who submitted correct answers.) And run a special on that wine

That’s more of a challenge if you’re not a real literary type, but there are other games you can play. And it works well with movies, too. Just not James “shaken, not stirred” Bond. [/level-members]