The Grapevine

Marketing Partnerships for Fun and Profit

August 31st, 2016

Aligning yourself with like-minded businesses can be a great way to improve your marketing and your wine shop’s bottom line. [level-members]

As you’ve probably heard – and not just because we’ve written about it – Whispering Angel has seen a spike in sales that seems attributable to gummy bears infused with the wine. We’re not advocating that you become a confectioner any time soon, but the “brand extension” has certainly reaped rewards, unintentionally perhaps, for Whispering Angel.

You can do the same by creating partnerships with businesses who have a similar world view as you do. That might mean doing wine dinners with a great local restaurant, or even just stocking the wines on their list in a dedicated section of your shop. (You could even rotate that section and highlight a different local restaurant’s list every month.)

This can create positive associations in your market’s mind for both you and the restaurant. You each get to broaden your audience to the other’s fans, followers and customers. And you do so in a way that is not nearly as “sales-y” as straightforward promotions can be.

You don’t have to stop at restaurants, though. A local farm stand or a vendor at the local farmer’s market can be a great partner. You can work with them to put together menus based on what’s in season and, of course, wine pairings that complement the bounty.

You can get really creative and work with anyone from chocolatiers to clothing stores. I’d probably draw the line at car dealers or even bike shops. Let’s not encourage any dangerous behavior …

The goal is to think creatively about your marketing and getting your prospective customers to see you in a positive context, not just as another shop in a row of many shops on Main Street. [/level-members]