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Wine Industry News for October 3, 2016

October 3rd, 2016

Good news in Siberia, less good news in France. California is crazy in that California way. Why does old wine smell so great? And someone wants to know what makes lesbians drink they way they do. [level-members]

Wine in Siberia
There are northern climate varietals and then there are northern climate varietals. (Also, who knew there was a Siberian Times?) Read the Siberian Times article here.

Weather Takes its Toll in France
The weather may be good news in Siberia, but less so in France, where production is down and prices will likely be up, according to the BBC’s report.

California Crazy
It’s crazy-making time in California as the harvest heats up, with workers being poached as grapes are being picked. Read the Forbes article here.

Your Tax Dollars at Work
Federal study for drinking habits of lesbian couples. It’s not really the wine habits they’re looking for insights into. Read the full article here.

What Makes Old Wine Smell So Great?
Now you know. (Or you will if you read this UPI article.)