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Wine Industry News for October 24, 2016

October 24th, 2016

A documentary about South African vineyards causes a stir in Denmark. Washington State is set for the challenges of climate change. And the rest of the world should be, too.


South African Stir in Denmark
A recent documentary about working conditions in South African vineyards has led Danish wine shops to remove South African wines from their shelves. The film, by Tom Heinemann, has been called biased by some South African wine groups, though they do seem to admit that deplorable conditions to exist on some properties. Read the full article here.

Washington State Set for Climate Change Challenges
There may be opportunities as well as challenges. Read the full Great Northwest Wine article here.

And the Rest of the World, Too
Global wine production was down this past year, due to changes in global climate patterns, according to Science World Report. South America was the region most affected, with production down 21 and 35 percent in Chile and Argentina respectively.  Read the full article here.