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Wine Stories Worth – November 3, 2016

November 3rd, 2016

Wine. One more reason to use the word “condom” in polite conversation. Riesling, deserved of more respect. Wine and cancer. And wine and water. [level-members]

From Mashable, we have another way to keep that wine lively for another day. Because there aren’t already enough ways to keep an open bottle fresh for a day or two. And because the word “condom” is so underused in polite conversation …

Riesling doesn’t get enough respect. I’m as guilty as anyone, though to be fair, I don’t give any white wine enough respect …

Is there a connection between wine and cancer? If you drink as much as a wine critic, winemaker or sommelier, you may want to dial it back a bit. Read the full article here.

Finally, plenty of folks in plenty of other contexts have pointed out that we’ll soon be at war over water rather than oil and other energy sources. A book review worth reading.