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Share Your Mistakes with Your Wine Shop Customers

November 2nd, 2016

Perhaps not the “I bought a bunch of not-very-good wine and I’ve been trying to give it away ever since” mistakes. But the things you’ve learned as you’ve come to know more about wine. [level-members]

As Matt Kramer points out in a recent Wine Spectator article, there are some pretty common mistakes that wine lovers make as they go from neophyte to confident consumer. Power over finesse, over-buying OK wine, confusing price for quality.

Did you pass your way through these errors? Do you have any good stories to illustrate your wayward moments? Share them with your customer and online fans. Nothing beats showing your human side for making a connection with your customers as people.

(Take care with those connections, though. Go easy on the “I was such an idiot, I did …” since you know there’s someone in your audience who is doing exactly that right now. Be gentle, be self-deprecating, be supportive of your customers no matter where they are in their wine explorations.)