The Grapevine

Be Aware of How You Label Your Shop

November 1st, 2016

An article I saw recently on the Eater site about wine labels and their affect on consumer perception reminded me that we all need to look at things through our customers’ eyes more frequently. [level-members]

This is particularly true of our shop where we go blind to the little details that sound petty even to mention, but that can add up to a less-than-stellar perception.

So what does your shop front look like? Do you have plantings or other decorative elements outside your door? Or is the approach to your shop a charmless expanse of concrete?

What about the – literal – first touch: the door knob or handle to your front door? Is it beautifully burnished or just plain dingy?

Is it charming? Industrial? Solid? None of these are right answers. It’s all a matter of how well the small details fit the whole of the picture you’re trying to paint.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Ask a good customer to walk into your shop and tell you the first good thing and first bad thing she notices about the shop. Offer her a bottle of wine for her effort. She’ll probably turn you down, but be flattered that you’ve asked her opinion on so important a matter. [/level-members]