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Wine Industry News – November 7, 2016

November 7th, 2016

Burgundy harvest news, Pennsylvania licensing laws, and Millennial women and their relationship with drinking. [level-members]

From Decanter, we get a report on “who survived nature’s wrath” in Burgundy this year. Their conclusion sounds a lot like a social-media relationship status. It’s complicated. Read the full article here.

Meanwhile, back in Pennsylvania, wine lovers are rejoicing as the state has loosened its grip on alcohol beverage sales. In a nutshell, PA is moving away from its long history as one of the 17 states (uh, Commonwealth, in PA’s case …) with state-control over alcohol sales. The law, which went into effect in August, allows for supermarket wine sales, to-go purchases from restaurants, and direct-to-consumer shipments from wineries out of state.

Finally, we have Millennial women who seem to have leveled the playing field with the men in their generation when it comes to alcohol consumption. Read the full article on The Atlantic site here.