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Food and Wine Pairing: Sandwiches

November 11th, 2016

As Eric Asimov says, bread and wine are among the foundations of civilization. Why wouldn’t you pair them? [level-members]

Obviously, there is no one wine to pair with all sandwiches since sandwiches come in many flavors. Less obviously, as Asimov points out with his suggested Madeira / Nutella sandwich pairing, there are a lot more fun combinations than you might think.

(My college-age self will fully endorse his claim that PB&J and beer make an excellent combination.)

The best part of pairing wine and sandwiches is that it helpsĀ eliminate the stuffy preconceptions too many people have about wine and some need for formality. Wine works on the beach in plastic cups. No ascot needed.

Too many great combinations to list here, so check out the article here and either ask your customers and followers to reconsider what you’re having for dinner tonight or change the menu for your football viewing this Sunday.