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Wine Stories Worth Sharing: Holiday Entertaining Edition

December 15th, 2016

Brace yourself: the hordes will be descending this weekend, if they haven’t already started. They’ll be in search of wines for holiday entertaining and holiday gift-giving. Here are some ideas of what they may be looking for based on what’s out there on the intertubes … [level-members]

Best Champagnes of the Year
Would you like to spend $6,000? How about $20. Bloomberg’s Richard Vines offers both options. Prices are actually in pounds, but wines are available here in the States. Read the full Bloomberg article here.

Party-Ready Sparklers
The Dallas News counters with three sparklers ranging in price from roughly $15 to about $200. Obviously, some big jumps between if you’re spanning that gap in just three steps … Read more here.

Value Wines for Holiday Entertaining
Wine Enthusiast broadens the scope and brings the pricing down, with this piece on Value Wines for Holiday Entertaining. Even the most committed wine fan among us occassionally entertains a crowd that is either large enough or indifferent enough to wine to make pouring the good stuff an unpleasant prospect. Wine Enthusiast has you covered.

The Twelve Wines of Christmas
Wine Enthusiast also graces us with The Twelve Wines of Christmas. The recommend this dozen for gifts, parties, and setting aside for your own enjoyment.

May your holiday rush be just this side of overwhelming!