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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – February 16, 2017

February 16th, 2017

This week we dig through some older materials that didn’t make it to the top of the pile even though they deserved to. Your wine shop customers will definitely get a kick out of these stories about stamps, corks, predators, and more; you may, too. [level-members]

Starting with the stamp: I haven’t seen this in my local post office, but I’d buy a book if I could: the US has issued a Pinot Noir stamp.

US Stamp - Pinot Noir


You can read the full story on the Food & Wine site.

The Atlantic has an interesting piece on how a generational shift in attitudes has affected the cork industry and wine bottling. As in, younger wine drinkers are even less likely than we oldsters to care which closure winemakers use.

From the “Pests in the Vineyards” department, we have a New York Times story about how wild boars are threatening vineyards in Chianti, and we have Decanter’s story about how birds of prey are being used to control pests in California vineyards.

Finally, what’s in that wine you’re drinking? Sulfites, perhaps, which may be “friend or foe.” If you’d prefer not to deal with additives, you might want to be exploring minimalist carbonic wines.