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Wine Industry News for March 20, 2017

March 20th, 2017

Immigration in California, wines of New Jersey, Oregonians asking for a handout, Canada is ready for its closeup, and if Millennials aren’t changing the way you sell wine, you may not be selling wine very much longer … [level-members]

The immigration question for the California wine business proves that all politics is local, even when it’s global.

Do New Jersey wines really stand up to the world’s best? It’s at least a question worth asking according to

When times are tough, they’re frequently tough all over. Nothing wrong with asking, but Oregon’s wineries may not be the first in line for help from the state.

Meanwhile, a bit further north, Canada’s wine industry is hoping to emulate the kind of success Oregon has seen over the past decades.

Millennials’ attitudes are different. We should be changing the way we sell wine.