The Grapevine

The End of Wine Experts

March 21st, 2017

We’ve written about this a bit lately, including an article on consumer ratings and reviews of your wine shop. So I was excited to see another wine business expert weighing in on the topic. [level-members]

Robert Joseph’s post on Meinginger’s Wine Business International, a German publication, is titled, The Death of the Experts. That’s a little extreme for my tastes, though it’s certainly attention-getting.

And the underlying sentiment is correct: user reviewers are frequently viewed as being more trustworthy and “authentic” by consumers, particularly younger consumers. The article is worth a read, even if the trend is due for a course correction or other upheaval. Why? Because the same hidden agendas that many people suspect professionals of having are even harder to police in the anonymous or unverified world of online reviews.