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Wine Shop Marketing by Educating Wine Shop Customers

March 22nd, 2017

You’ve got to be pretty confident – a la the New York Times – to call a long-form article, “How to Drink Wine.” But you can still get a lot of mileage out of the idea without being nearly that brash. [level-members]

Eric Asimov’s guide can serve as an excellent framework for you to create your own educational series, though I wouldn’t necessarily bother with creating quite the tome he has. Instead, you should focus on live and virtual events that you can repeat easily and even record and play back at a later date.

Having some written materials makes sense as it can help drive home the point and maintain some sense of focus during the event. Obviously, it should be branded.

Give the Times’ article a scan and use it as the basis for your own wine education events.

The events themselves can be a form of marketing – free by invitation, free with the purchase of two cases, etc. [/level-members]