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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – March 23, 2017

March 23rd, 2017

Reading the wine list in a restaurant can give you nearly as bad a headache as overindulging in the wine you do finally select. We’ve got cures for both. [level-members]

Food and Wine can help you help your customers be as happy with the wine they get in a restaurant as they are with the wine they get from you. And, not unrelatedly, we have this on drinking in the dark from the UK, though some of the wine recommendations are UK-centric …

Speaking of the UK, if you have clients who jet set around the world, you might share this article about why things may not taste so great when you’re flying. Actually, this is probably even more useful for parents flying toddlers down to Disneyland and badly in need of a drink …

Back on the home front, your customers might like help buying the right wine glasses.

For those thinking of leaving their corporate jobs of the mystique and romance of being a sommelier, there’s the book, Cork Dork, as reviewed by the Mercury News.

Are there words you’d just as soon never hear to describe wine? (From your customers or your distributors?) Matt Kramer feels your pain.

And last but not least we have two examinations of red wine and headaches. There’s more to it than the cosmos not wanting us all to be drinking red wine for breakfast …

Kitchn – This is Why Some People Get Headaches from Red Wine

Food & Wine – Why Does Wine Give You a Headache?