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Food & Wine Pairing – Mushrooms

April 14th, 2017

I have to admit I’m not an experienced forager, but something about spring always makes me think of mushroom foraging. Here are some recipe and wine matching ideas for your springtime bounty. [level-members]

Since there are even more ways to prepare mushrooms than there are varieties of edible fungi, you have a lot of options when it comes to what to pour. In fact, it can be helpful to think of the mushrooms in the same way you’d think of the main protein in a meat, poultry, or fish dish: as a vehicle for other flavors. In other words it’s the supporting player – the sauce – more than the star of the show that should guide your pairing.

Fiona Beckett lays this out nicely in her post about pairing various mushroom dishes with wine. Among my favorite recommendations are sparkling wine with a mushroom risotto, though she does offer other options depending on what mushrooms you’re using; bigger reds with stuffed Portabellos; and Pinots to accompany mushrooms in a cream sauce.

Enjoy the beginnings of spring and sharing pairing ideas with your wine shop customers!