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Wine Industry News for April 17, 2017

April 17th, 2017

Wine industry news this week takes us from France to the US and back to France – Bordeaux 2016, US challenges to French rosé, and climate change-induced planting experiments – as well as down to Chile (after the fires) and California, where the question is, who will pick the grapes this year. [level-members]

From the UK we have a look at early tastings of 2016 Bordeaux.

France will not go unchallenged, though. US Producers are gearing up to take on the French in the red hot pink wine market – rosé.

Back in France, we learn that climate change has French producers experimenting with new varietals in old places, including Syrah in Burgundy.

In Chile, the wildfires may not have had as big an impact as was initially feared, at least on a business level.

California wonders who will pick the grapes and we wonder what the answer might mean for pricing.

And just how bad is sexism in the wine world? Plenty bad. And we’re not talking about field workers here.