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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – April 27, 2017

April 27th, 2017

Did you know that in the US, there are 62 chemicals that can be added to wines without having to be accounted for on the label? Also, Semillon, Malbec in three styles, is there a quintessential summer red, and WWJD. [level-members]

From France to Argentina, to Washington State, Malbec comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, to say nothing of flavors. Wine Enthusiast takes a look.

Is Semillon a grape you “have to have on your wine list?” I don’t know, but some seem to think so. Then again, they also think that American sommeliers “are getting  hot under the collar with excitement” over it. Read the full article at Drinks Business.

A timely article now even if it is from last August: Punch may help you decide what to stock this summer with its look at What is the Quintessential Summer Red Wine?

Researchers have pieced together possible answers to the question WWJD. That is, what would Jesus drink? Or, more accurately, what did Jesus drink at the last supper?

Finally, we have those 62 chemicals and a story about what does and does not appear on your wine labels and how wines are manipulated between the vine and the bottle. [/level-members]