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Wine Industry News for May 1, 2017

May 1st, 2017

Same wine, different bottle. Native vs. imported wine grapes. And trouble in vineyards across Europe. [level-members]

Bloomberg gives us the inside scoop on picnic-friendly wine packaging. Don’t get your hopes up for finding a bottle of the 40 Ounce Rosé, which sold out almost immediately. They do spotlight some other options. Read the full article here.

It’s hard not to love a website called The Academic Wino, at least if you’re a geek like I am. Their article on the environmental impact of planting native grapes vs. introduced grapes is a great geeky read. Really geeky. Chemical equations and all.

Finally, we have crummy news from all across Europe, where frost – “fatal frost” – has done tremendous damage to the wine grape crop. Here’s a selection of the coverage.

Spring freeze in northern Italy could severely compromise 2017 vintage

Spring Freeze Damages French Wine Production

‘Devastating’ frost strikes Bordeaux vineyards next

Frost Strikes France’s Burgundy and Loire Wine Regions

Severe Frosts Wreak Havoc in Champagne

‘Fatal’ frost hits Champagne vineyards

Frost proves catastrophic for Swiss winegrowers