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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – August 10, 2017

August 10th, 2017

Ageworthy rosé, sommeliers have their detractors, cabernet franc’s provenance, and more. [level-members]

The romance of rosé and the romance of laying bottles down for the future finally meet. 

Tim Vandergrift is no fan of (some) sommeliers. (He’s even a little softer on clickbait headlines!)

Of limited interest, I admit, but for a Franc-junkie like me, this is mesmerizing stuff. Could Cab Franc be Spanish? 

Wine and gender through history. This is NOT a light read. (But if you skipped the Cab Franc article …) 

Lebanon has been making some pretty good wines for a while now. Here’s a history of wine’s evolution in the surprising star of the middle east.