The Grapevine

Putting “More” Into Practice in Your Wine Shop

August 9th, 2017

Yesterday we talked about doing more in your wine shop. Today we have an example. [level-members]

Chances are it will be a small percentage of your clients who have both the interest and the space (and budget) to create a wine cellar and begin building a collection. (Obviously, this becomes a larger percentage if your shop serves a more upscale community.)

Even with just a small portion of your audience, though, it can be worthwhile to talk about cellar construction and related topics, and you might want to share articles like this on converting a closet into a wine cellar for those who are space-challenged but eager to collect. 

Your goal really isn’t necessarily to get all of your customers to build cellars you can stock – though that could be a nice side benefit. The goal is to make your shop’s experience that much more interesting – and certainly more than just a series of transactions at the register. 

Engage on other levels with information related to wine and you’ll build a more devoted audience.