The Grapevine

Offering More in Your Wine Shop

August 8th, 2017

To keep in the hyper-competitive retail world these days – which, of course, includes the internet as a competitor – your wine shop has to offer more than just wine. [level-members]

That doesn’t mean you need to offer while-you-wait oil changes, but it does mean making the experience more than transactional. 

Many small shop owners do this through strong personal connections and knowing their customers well. That’s a tough strategy to beat. But it’s a great strategy to build on so that your shop can survive your absence, whether for an extended period or just a short vacation. (Or even deciding to take Fridays off …) 

If you do offer more merchandise, make sure it’s well selected. Having a few cheap corkscrews on hand for the picnicker who forget the wine – and the corkscrew – at home is a great idea. Even better is displaying a collection of antique corkscrews and offering a range of them from the expedient cheapie to over-the-top motorized versions. It’s something that might be unexpected and fun, and with today’s retail landscape, fun is almost as important as convenience, price, and selection.