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Wine Industry News – August 7, 2017

August 7th, 2017

Bribery ain’t right, weather damage has consequences, Millennials like wine, and other wine industry news worth reviewing. [level-members]

Oops. Seems it pays to be careful who you are buying gifts for.

Given what we’ve heard in recent weeks and months about weather damage around the world, it shouldn’t be any surprise that we are likely headed for higher prices and tighter supplies.

This plays against Millennial stereotype, now doesn’t it? Still, not great for the InBevs or craft brewers of the world. Good for us in the wine biz, though! Another article on the same.

I’m all for alliteration – see what I did there? – but does it always have to be “Pinot” with pot? Anyway, partnerships do seem to abound between weed and wine. (I couldn’t resist.)

And a quick topic to cover on the site: the future of fine wine.