The Grapevine

Food & Wine Pairing: Fresh from the Garden – Or Farmers Market

August 18th, 2017

Just about everything is in season right now, so it’s tempting to build your meals around whatever turns up from your garden or at the farmers market. [level-members]

That doesn’t mean wine should be an afterthought, but it does mean that it should be chosen to compliment whatever you’re cooking, rather than vice versa. Our favorite wines of the season are bubbles, which work well with so many fruits, so it can accompany an opening course, dessert, or both.

Tomatoes? We’ll chill a light red more frequently than not, though rosé is pure perfection depending on how you’re preparing those tomatoes and will will be joining them on the plate.

And there’s always white – the lighter and crisper the better. We typically leave the big buttery Chardonnays in the cellar until the weather turns a bit cooler.

Enjoy your weekend with friends – and enjoy offering your shop customers ideas for enjoying the weekend themselves.