The Grapevine

Getting to the Essence on Your Wine Shop Marketing

August 23rd, 2017

There’s something to be said for reducing something to its essence and concentrating on its most elemental parts. That can work in your favor when it comes to your wine shop marketing. [level-members]

Part of the problem in marketing wine to anyone other than someone who is already a wine lover is that it can be intimidating. We’ve all heard – perhaps even uttered – tasting notes that include descriptors like new-mown grass, wet leather and, yes, even the ever-popular cat pee.

But if you can eliminate all of that and focus on the basics you’ll make a lot more people comfortable.

Now this may sound as if I’m contradicting my usual position of marketing toward those already enthralled by wine. It’s not – be because even though you’ll do a lot better selling wine to wine loves than selling on price to those who just need wine for an event, you still have to find the wine lovers. Or create them.

Few customers will be as valuable to your business as those who are recent converts. Not only is their enthusiasm at a fever pitch, meaning they’ll be buying regularly and open to exploring, but they’ll be talking up your shop more than a seasoned wine lover.

So use broader, more accessible terms when you’re describing wines. Position wines in ways that folks across the wine expertise spectrum can relate to. And make it clear that wine isn’t something to save for special occassions, but something that’s “simple” enough to become a part of everyday life.