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Wine Shop Marketing: It’s Not What You Want to Sell – It’s What They Want to Buy

October 11th, 2017

Seems obvious to say it, but your wine shop customers may not want to buy what you think they should. That doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that the customer is always right.[/level-members]

In fact, convincing customers to try something new – to not “grasp at familiar straws” as we read recently – is critical to your success as a wine shop. That’s because the difference between just giving them what they ask for and guiding them toward something you think they’ll enjoy is the difference between being an order taker and being a trusted consultant.

Of course, steering them toward something interesting means that you have to know a bit about their tastes and preferences. This is where knowing your customers and having a personal touch really matter.

SevenFiftyDaily has an article worth reading (including the “familiar straws” quote above) on getting people to try something new. Worth considering in your shop. [/level-members]