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Wine Stories Worth Sharing for October 12, 2017

October 12th, 2017

Wildfire smoke, chilling wine, atmospheric CO2 and alcohol levels, and supertasters and wine? [level-members]

First, wine and hoops. There was a time when everyone wanted to be like Mike, so I guess someone wanting to drink like Lebron makes sense.

Im not sure why you’d need science to save you from pretending you don’t like wine. Maybe just don’t like wine. If you also don’t like scotch, then we’ve got a problem.

Is elevated CO2 in the atmosphere to blame for higher alcohol content in wine?

The evolution of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in California’s wine industry.

A tough subject, and sad, but worth thinking about: How wildfire smoke affects the taste of wine.

And a little more science: how to chill wine.